There is certainly nothing wrong with identifying with the location of your birth. Humans are, after all, provincial and territorial by nature. Most of us spend much of our lives in the same basic location. However, Stanton DeFreitas has a philosophical worldview that espouses the importance of being a citizen of the world and having a broader point of view. Stanton DeFreitas’ worldview is not about denying culture at the expense of “global unity”, but about celebrating the diversity of thought and culture that exists in the world harmoniously.

Stanton DeFreitas was born in Canada and is proud to claim his Canadian roots. He also has Caribbean heritage and is proud to celebrate those as well. Born in Toronto’s east end, in a neighborhood known as Scarborough, there was a great deal of diversity. He grew up around people who had different cultural practices and was lucky enough to be able to benefit from that. Stanton DeFreitas was, from an early age, exposed to languages, foods, styles of dress, and cultural practices from all over the world. As a result of this diverse upbringing, DeFreitas developed a philosophy which places an emphasis on being a citizen of the world and not being limited or constrained by your birthplace. He firmly believes each of us through make an effort to broaden our horizons when it comes to spirituality, academics, and culture.