Stanton Defreitas – Lover of the International

Even as a child, Stanton Defreitas has always had a love for the international. With his roots set in the Caribbean and being raised in Canada, from an early age he saw how different cultures could interact in harmony and create a synergistic effect for both communities involved. As an international business consultant, Stanton Defreitas has had the opportunity to utilize the skills he developed at an early age of bringing different types of people together for the common good. He truly believes that everyone should work to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically, and culturally. He lives every day as a day to grow as an individual.

Diversity Leads To Success: Stanton DeFreitas’ Story

Stanton DeFreitas has always placed an emphasis on diversity and the role it has played in his life. He is an international business consultant, so this should not come as too much of a surprise. But, what is interesting is that diversity has benefited him both personally and professionally. This is a valuable lesson to have learned at such a young age and he has carried it with him throughout his professional career.

Stanton DeFreitas vividly remembers walking around his neighborhood in Toronto. It’s called Scarborough and it is known as a community which is diverse and which embraces differences. During that time, Stanton DeFreitas was exposed to different languages, religions, cultural practices, and people. This would later come to benefit him in his professional life when he became an international business consultant.

The Global Citizen: Stanton DeFreitas

There is certainly nothing wrong with identifying with the location of your birth. Humans are, after all, provincial and territorial by nature. Most of us spend much of our lives in the same basic location. However, Stanton DeFreitas has a philosophical worldview that espouses the importance of being a citizen of the world and having a broader point of view. Stanton DeFreitas’ worldview is not about denying culture at the expense of “global unity”, but about celebrating the diversity of thought and culture that exists in the world harmoniously.

Stanton DeFreitas was born in Canada and is proud to claim his Canadian roots. He also has Caribbean heritage and is proud to celebrate those as well. Born in Toronto’s east end, in a neighborhood known as Scarborough, there was a great deal of diversity. He grew up around people who had different cultural practices and was lucky enough to be able to benefit from that. Stanton DeFreitas was, from an early age, exposed to languages, foods, styles of dress, and cultural practices from all over the world. As a result of this diverse upbringing, DeFreitas developed a philosophy which places an emphasis on being a citizen of the world and not being limited or constrained by your birthplace. He firmly believes each of us through make an effort to broaden our horizons when it comes to spirituality, academics, and culture.

Bio of Stanton DeFreitas, Writer

From the time Stanton DeFreitas was born in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, he began to realize the advantages that came with being raised in a diverse atmosphere. Based on his experience as a Canadian citizen with Caribbean roots, he witnessed and absorbed parts of many differing cultures and they have informed his career as an international business consultant. Stanton DeFreitas feels that everyone is a citizen of the world, regardless of where they come from. He firmly he believes that everyone should make a greater effort to broaden their horizons in every way, including spiritually and academically, as well as culturally. This is the approach Stanton DeFreitas takes when in his global business travels, and he believes that his point of view has made him a better and more successful entrepreneur.

Stanton DeFreitas’ ultimate goal is to become a writer. He wants to relate his experience to many people on a great many important issues. Of course, he wants to write about international current events, but he also wants to relate to people about international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness. If he can show people of different cultures how we can work better together, we can have a better world. After all, come cultures may have a solution to another culture’s problems, and we should all share.

It is clear that Stanton DeFreitas derived great benefit from his childhood and his exposure to so many traditions and cultures. He embraced all of them and that exposure to so many ways to consider everything has made him a great businessman. He wants to use his writing to share that knowledge with the world and make the world work better for everyone.