Stanton DeFreitas strongly believes that everyone is a citizen of the world, regardless of where they come from. He also believes that everyone should try to escape their own cultural bubble and make themselves better by trying to experience how other cultures see things. That is why his ultimate goal is to become a writer. He has a strong desire to relate his experience as a Canadian citizen with roots in the Caribbean and exposure to many different cultures to as many people as possible. He also wants to inform them on a great many important issues related to the present day.

Of course, Stanton DeFreitas wants to write about international current events, but he also wants to relate to people about international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness. If he can show people of different cultures how everyone in the world works better together, he believes he can change the world for the better, even if it’s on a relatively small level. Stanton DeFreitas wants us to realize that we may have problems that another culture may have already solved, but if we can’t work together, how will we ever find it?