When budding writer Stanton DeFreitas was a just a boy living in the exceptionally diverse Scarborough neighborhood of one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto, he tended to be very wide-eyed and open to being surrounded by and exposed to so many different cultures in one place. he feels that his experiences there were very profound in defining who he would become and he has always had a desire to share all of that with anyone he can. As a Canadian with Caribbean roots, Stanton DeFreitas feels that his exposure to a wide variety of cultures has informed his career as an international business consultant and it has made that better. He likes to think of himself and everyone else as citizens of the world, rather than an individual country.
Stanton DeFreitas sincerely wants everyone in the world to make a greater effort to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically and culturally. That is how he approaches his adventures in the global business world and he believes it has served to make him an even better entrepreneur. In fact, it is also why Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a writer, capable of communicating to people on a great many of the issues he believes are most important to society. He wants to write about current events, sports, travel and personal health and wellness, but he wants to do so on an international, multicultural basis.

The overall goal of Stanton DeFreitas is to demonstrate to people how we all work better together, taking little bits from each of the many cultures of the world. Sometimes, one culture has a solution to a problem that is plaguing another culture. Without exposure to other cultures, we may not be able to solve problems. Put simply, Stanton DeFreitas wants everyone to share.