It is Stanton DeFreitas’ firmly held belief that his life is better because of his childhood, when he found himself surrounded and embraced by many different traditions and cultures. He was born and raised in the Scarborough section of Toronto, which is one of the most diverse cities in the world early on, he was able to witness and to experience many cultures, and it is that exposure that has made his career as an international business consultant far more lucrative than many others.

It is that experience that has led Stanton DeFreitas to become a writer and communicate his vision to people on many of the issues he believes are most important to society. As a writer, he wants to inform people on international travel, current events, sports and even personal health and wellness. His overall goal is to get people to think differently and to realize that we can all work better together as citizens of the world than if we stay to ourselves and our own culture. Some cultures may even have solutions to another cultures’ problems, but how will we ever know if we all stay within ourselves, with our own kind. We need to branch out and interact more.